In Every Footstep, Part Three: Hungry Grasshoppers and Growing Faith
September 2012

“In Every Footstep, Part Three: Hungry Grasshoppers and Growing Faith,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 20–21

In Every Footstep

Part Three: Hungry Grasshoppers and Growing Faith

Sarah Ann’s husband leaves for faraway Norway. How will their family survive?

Sarah Ann wiped the sweat from her forehead. It was hard to believe that she and Canute had already been married for three years.

So much had happened during those years. After the long, difficult journey across the plains, they had finally arrived in Salt Lake City. Soon after, Sarah Ann gave birth to a baby boy, Peter. They were now expecting another child.

Sarah Ann saw Canute walking across the field towards her. He looked serious.

“What happened?” Sarah Ann asked.

“President Brigham Young has called me to serve a mission in Norway.”

Sarah Ann realized that her dreams of spending nights sitting near the cozy fireplace with Canute and their children would have to wait.

“When will you go?” she asked.

“I should prepare to leave immediately,” Canute said. “But we have no money. And who will watch over you and our children?”

“Canute, I know the Lord will provide for us. He has a work for you to do, and you must do it,” Sarah Ann said.

Sarah Ann helped Canute get ready for his journey. She had faith that God would protect their family while her husband was away.

Three years passed. Sarah Ann took care of the land, house, and children by herself. When it came time to plant crops, the other farmers were too busy to help. So Sarah Ann picked up a hoe and a bucket of wheat seed and started planting the seeds herself.

Because she was working alone, it took her a long time to plant the wheat. Some of the other farmers said she had finished too late in the season for wheat to grow before winter and that she had planted the seeds too deep in the soil. Within a few weeks, wheat started springing up in other fields. But Sarah Ann’s field still looked bare. She began to worry.

“If the wheat doesn’t grow, my children will have nothing to eat,” Sarah Ann thought. She decided to pray for help.

One day, Peter was playing in the field when he noticed that the grass seemed to be jumping. There were thousands of grasshoppers covering the ground!

The farmers tried everything they could think of to make the pesky insects go away, but nothing worked. When the grasshoppers finally left days later, the farmers’ crops were gone. The insects had eaten all of their wheat!

The farmers didn’t know how they would feed their families during the long, cold winter.

“Continue to trust God. He will provide for us,” Sarah Ann told them confidently.

Sarah Ann kept on praying and waiting patiently for an answer to her prayers. Then, the week after the grasshoppers left, Sarah Ann’s wheat—which she had planted later and deeper than the other farmers’ crops—began to appear.

That summer, Sarah Ann harvested 60 bushels of wheat, potatoes, and corn. She was not only able to feed her family but also many of her neighbors. Because of her faith in the Lord, everyone had enough to eat.

Illustrations by Tracy Sabin