A Shiny-Penny Friend
September 2012

“A Shiny-Penny Friend,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 36–37

A Shiny-Penny Friend

A friend loveth at all times (Proverb 17:17).

How are friends like pennies?

Daniel ran into his house. He was sad.

“What’s wrong, Daniel?” Mom asked.

“Jake was being mean to kids at recess. I told him to stop,” Daniel said. “He got mad. He called me a name. He said he does not want to be my friend.”

“I’m sorry,” Mom said. “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Mom and Daniel walked to Mom and Dad’s room.

Mom took a jar of pennies from the shelf. She poured the pennies onto the bed.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

“Pick a penny, Daniel,” Mom said. “You can keep it.”

Daniel picked a very shiny penny.

“Why did you pick that penny?” Mom asked.

“I like that it is shiny,” Daniel said.

“Friends are like pennies,” Mom said. “We should choose friends who make us feel good.”

That night when Daniel went to bed, he prayed to find a friend who would help him choose the right so he could feel good.

Daniel remembered a boy who liked to play basketball at recess. Daniel liked to play basketball too! Maybe they could be friends.

Daniel was happy the next day when he got out of bed.

“How do you feel today?” Mom asked.

“Great!” Daniel said. “I’m going to make a shiny-penny friend!”

At school Daniel played basketball with the boy. He was nice. They had a fun time. Daniel was happy to have a shiny-penny friend.

Illustration by Roger Motzkus