Pretend Primary
September 2012

“Pretend Primary,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 32–33

Pretend Primary

  1. Sophie didn’t feel well as she sat down for breakfast on Sunday morning.

    Sophie, I’m sorry. You are too sick to go to church today.

  2. Sophie started to cry.

    But I want to go to Primary.

    Maybe we can do something special at home.

  3. Sophie was sad. She went to her room and covered her face with her blanket. Then she got an idea.

    Maybe we can have pretend Primary at home today.

  4. As Sophie’s brothers got ready for church, Sophie put on her own Sunday clothes. She also dressed her dolls and stuffed animals in pretty dresses so they could come to pretend Primary too.

  5. After the rest of the family left for church, Sophie and Mom made the living room into a pretend Primary room. Sophie taped pictures of Jesus to the wall and got the Children’s Songbook from the bookshelf. She also got out crayons and scriptures.

  6. Sophie sat on the couch with her dolls and stuffed animals. Mom said an opening prayer. Then Sophie and Mom sang “I Am a Child of God” and “I Love to See the Temple.”

  7. Sophie was happy during pretend Primary. Even her dolls and stuffed animals sat still.

  8. After pretend Primary was over, Mom laid Sophie in her bed for a nap.

    Thanks for having a pretend Primary with me. But I can’t wait to go to real Primary next week!

Illustrations by Scott Peck