Hi! I’m Timofei from Kyiv, Ukraine
September 2012

“Hi! I’m Timofei from Kyiv, Ukraine,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 18–19

Hi! I’m Timofei from Kyiv, Ukraine

Six-year-old Timofei lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, the capital city of Ukraine and the home of his country’s first temple. Timofei is excited about the new temple and about many other things. He was especially happy when he lost his first two teeth. His father pulled one out at his grandmother’s house, and the other one fell out all by itself.

At school I asked my three friends if they believed in God. They said yes. I said that I do too. I gave them an invitation to the temple open house. They said, “OK, we’ll come.”

This year I started to take karate lessons because my dad and my brothers study karate too. I have learned how to protect myself and lift heavy things.

My brother and I like to build houses, cars, and little guys with our building blocks.

My brothers served at the temple open house. I wanted to serve there too, but I was too young. I did go through the open house tour at the temple two times. I really liked it.

During the summer my two brothers taught me how to play soccer. They taught me to run the field and guard the goal. Even though they are older, I play with them and their friends.

I like my little cars. Because they are metal, they don’t break or get ruined. I’ve had mine a long time, and they are barely scratched at all.

I really like to sleep with my toys at nighttime. When my brothers are asleep, I still play a little bit with my toys.

Photographs by Chad E. Phares