The Lookout Girls
July 2011

“The Lookout Girls,” Friend, July 2011, 16–17

The Lookout Girls

I’m happy as can be when I am helping others, for then I’m helping me (Children’s Songbook, 197).

Amy and Becca lay wide awake in their beds. Amy counted stars out the window as they appeared one by one in the sky.

Becca sat up. “Amy,” she said, “I can’t sleep.”

“I know,” Amy said. “Me neither.”

“We forgot to say family prayer again tonight,” Becca whispered.

“I know,” Amy said. “Mommy forgot to tell us to brush our teeth too. I guess taking care of baby Eric makes Mommy forget things.”

“Yeah,” Becca agreed. “And Daddy is out of town, so he can’t remind us.”

“I have an idea,” Amy said. “Let’s look out for things that Mommy might forget.”

“OK,” Becca said. “Let’s call ourselves the Lookout Girls.”

“That’s a great name,” Amy said. “The Lookout Girls will start tomorrow!”

The next day the girls woke up early.

Amy jumped out of bed. “Don’t forget we need to make our beds before breakfast,” she said.

“OK,” Becca said.

The girls finished just in time to hear Mommy calling them to breakfast.

“Don’t forget, Becca. We need to wash our hands before we eat,” Amy said.

Amy and Becca washed up and started down the hallway. Amy noticed Becca’s skates on the floor.

“Don’t forget to pick up your skates before someone trips on them,” Amy reminded.

Becca picked up her skates and marched back to her room. “Amy sure is being bossy,” she mumbled.

After breakfast, Amy said, “Don’t forget to take your dishes to the sink, Becca.”

“OK,” Becca said, frowning.

“What’s the matter?” Amy asked. “I’m just trying to help you remember.”

“I know,” Becca said. “But you won’t let me remember anything!”

“I know you remember things,” Amy said. “I just think of them first. But don’t worry. You’ll get a turn.”

When it was time to go to the store, Amy and Becca climbed into the car and buckled their seat belts. Mommy buckled Eric into his car seat.

“Don’t forget to buckle your seat belt, Mommy,” Amy said.

Becca stared out the window.

When Mommy pulled into a parking spot, Amy jumped out of the car and started walking toward the store.

Becca called out, “Wait, Amy. Don’t forget to hold my hand and watch for cars.”

“Oops, I forgot,” Amy said, taking her sister’s hand. “Thanks, Becca. I’m glad you remembered.”

At bedtime, Becca said, “Don’t forget, Mommy. We need to say our family prayer.”

“And we need to brush our teeth,” Amy said.

“You girls haven’t let me forget a thing today,” Mommy said. “You sure have been helpful.”

The girls smiled at each other. “We did a good job,” Becca whispered.

“Yeah,” Amy said, putting her arm around her younger sister. “The Lookout Girls are a good team!”

Illustration by Bryan Beach