Pioneer Day in Tahiti
July 2011

“Pioneer Day in Tahiti,” Friend, July 2011, 44

Pioneer Day in Tahiti

Children of the Papeete Tahiti Stake love pioneers! They gathered with their parents for a stake Pioneer Day activity honoring the pioneers who journeyed to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Each ward built a pioneer wagon—some made with bicycle wheels and one with cardboard horses. The children marched in a parade, played pioneer games, and enjoyed delicious food.

Pioneer Day is also a special day to remember people in every country who accept the gospel and help teach it to others. All of these people are pioneers too!

This family had matching bonnets, aprons, and suspenders.

These boys pulled their ward’s covered wagon in the parade.

Some of the girls wore skirts and pioneer bonnets.

Some of the boys wore hats and bandannas.

Photographs by Michael Moody