Say What?
July 2011

“Say What?” Friend, July 2011, 43


Say What?

These words may not seem to make sense, but if you say them out loud you will hear things you can do to help make your home a happy one. Write the actual words below the nonsense words. The first one is done for you. Find the answers on page 48.

  1. Half am leap rare

    Have family prayer

  2. Bare testy mow knee

  3. Ink clue doth heirs

  4. Deuce um think nigh eyes

  5. Hog yore moth their

  6. Thee ink cap pea thaw its

  7. Comb too den her

  8. Loaf yore broth hearse send see stirs

  9. Tall cub out thick awe spell

  10. Beak hind too yore pear ants

  11. Full feel yard who tees

  12. List hint took hood muse ick

  13. Fall oak hood ex ham pulls

  14. Spinned I’m tall king ab out these crib shores

  • Answers: 2) Bear testimony, 3) Include others, 4) Do something nice, 5) Hug your mother, 6) Think happy thoughts, 7) Come to dinner, 8) Love your brothers and sisters, 9) Talk about the gospel, 10) Be kind to your parents, 11) Fulfill your duties, 12) Listen to good music, 13) Follow good examples, 14) Spend time talking about the scriptures.

Illustration by Mark Robison