King Benjamin Addresses His People
July 2011

“King Benjamin Addresses His People,” Friend, July 2011, 42


King Benjamin Addresses His People

Before he died, King Benjamin instructed his people to build a tower. Families gathered to listen to him speak. He stood on the tower and taught the people about service, keeping the commandments, and Jesus Christ’s Atonement.

  1. Which of these puzzle pieces belong in the numbered spaces? Find the answers on page 48.

  2. In this picture, find and circle a goat, a boy on his mother’s lap, a ladder, a water pot, a tent, and a man with his hands on his hips.

King Benjamin puzzle

King Benjamin Preaches to the Nephites, by Gary Kapp

  • Answers: 1) C, 2) A, 3) D, 4) B.