Trying to Be Like Jesus
June 2011

“Trying to Be Like Jesus,” Friend, June 2011, 30–31

Trying to Be Like Jesus

The bishop of the Kingstowne Ward, Mount Vernon Virginia Stake, encouraged the Primary children in his ward to tell the Friend how they are trying to be like Jesus. Here are their experiences.

When my younger sister wants to ride her bike, I offer to carry it up the stairs from the basement for her.

Evan H., age 9

One day there were toys all over my floor. I cleaned them up all by myself without my mommy asking. When she saw what I had done, she was very happy.

Alexa C., age 4

One time my cousin dropped his treat on the ground and he was very sad. I gave him my treat. I felt happy that I could help him feel happy again.

Caleb D., age 4

We had a family home evening lesson about showing love to others. After that, I started making my little brothers’ beds to show them that I love them. It made them happy and me happy too.

Brian L., age 7

We like going to activity day. We set a goal to invite a new friend to come each month. We live far away from the church, and the missionaries can’t make it here sometimes. We thought that by bringing friends to activities we can help do missionary work.

Makayla and Makenna M., ages 9 and 9

My elderly neighbor’s dog got off its leash and ran down the street. I chased after it and carried it back. My neighbor uses a cane to walk, so I’m glad I could help her.

Bryce M., age 10

My class at school had a piñata. Everyone got lots of candy except one girl. I gave her my candy. I felt really good, and we became friends.

Haily H., age 8

At preschool a new girl got pushed, and she cried. I invited her to play with me and my friend. We had fun together. I felt good inside because I made a new friend and helped her feel welcome.

Ellie A., age 4

One day my mommy was sick. I made her a sandwich to eat so she could get better. It was hard work, but I got it done. It made Mommy happy, and she felt better soon.

Andrew L., age 5

I made my mom’s bed because she had burned her finger. It made me feel good.

Elijah C., age 7

I try to be reverent at church. I fold my arms and walk quietly to class. I don’t run or shout. Being reverent shows my love for Heavenly Father.

Sophie M., age 5

One day my big brother was sick. I turned on some Primary music for him to listen to. It helped him feel better so he could rest.

Timothy L., age 3

After my older sister had surgery, she couldn’t walk or eat on her own. I would get things she needed and helped her eat and drink. Just like Jesus helped people, we can too, even when we are little.

Brittian M., age 5

After a snowstorm, our family cleared the snow from a house on our street. We later found out that an elderly lady lived there alone, and that she was out of town. When she returned we met her, and she told us how thankful she was for what we had done. It felt great to follow Jesus’s example by serving someone else.

Maddie and Tad R., ages 11 and 8

Jesus is so important to me. I love going to Primary so I can learn about Him. I know He loves us.

Emelia C., age 5

My family took some treats to our neighbors. When we rang their doorbell they were so surprised! My brother and I felt very good. I know we should treat others kindly.

Alexa B., age 8

On the way into the post office, my mommy and I saw a woman holding a sign saying she needed help. I gave her one of my snacks, and the woman said thank you. I also gave her a pretty purple flower I had picked. It made me feel good to make someone else’s day special.

Emily F., age 4

Illustrations by Rachel Hoffman-Bayles