Matt and Mandy
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“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2011, 42

Matt and Mandy

Matt, Mandy, Mom, and Dad at home

Illustrations by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

It’s time for family prayer, everybody. Gather around.

I believe it’s Matt’s turn to pray.

Are you sure? It seems like I just had my turn.

I have a question for everyone. Suppose Matt wanted to talk to the leader of our country—or any other country. How long would it take him to get an appointment?

A week?

A month?

It would probably take many months. And it might never happen at all. Even if it did, such a busy person couldn’t talk to him long and might not pay very close attention.

And yet in a few seconds, with no appointment and no waiting, Matt will be speaking on our behalf to Heavenly Father—the God of the whole universe—for as long as he likes. And Heavenly Father will listen as if Matt were the only person in existence.

Wow! What do you guys think of that?

I think I’m glad it’s my turn, and that I can have a turn whenever I want.