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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, June 2011, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Missionary Moments

Even though you won’t serve a full-time mission until you are older, there are things you can do now to be a missionary. Here are some things children like you have done to share the gospel.

The Special Witness article on how to be a missionary (April 2010) helped me be a missionary. I have been telling one of my friends about the gospel. I gave her For the Strength of Youth, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. She is interested in the Church, and she likes the standards that we follow. I’m glad she felt the Spirit when I taught her.

Kailey H., age 10, Pennsylvania

I took my Book of Mormon to reading time at school. Three of my friends asked if they could read my book. I told them they could all have their own copy. Our teacher is from Turkey, so I gave him a Book of Mormon in Turkish. He said he was happy to have a book to read about God. Now all five of us read silently in class during reading time.

Jasmine C., age 10, Texas

Faith in God Challenge

A “Serving Others” activity

Serve your family by planning a picnic for them.

  • Decide where to have your picnic: in a park, on a hike, in your backyard.

  • Plan the meal. Choose foods that you can eat cold, like sandwiches or fresh vegetables.

  • Go to the grocery store with a parent to get ingredients you need.

  • Help make and pack the meal.

  • Invite your family to the picnic.

  • Enjoy having lunch with your family.

  • Clean up your picnic area and throw away all the trash when you finish.

Online Survey Results

On a Friend website survey we asked if you are planning to go on a vacation this summer. There were 2,600 of you who responded! Whether you go far away or enjoy a vacation at home, try out the Friend summer reading chart on pages 24–25!

Yes 80%

No 20%

Journal Junction

This month, write about things you like to do in your free time. Do you like to be outside or inside? Do you play with a big group, or do you like alone time? Do your activities depend on the weather? Write about something new you would like to do in the future.

Illustrations by Brad Teare