Lehi’s Dream
June 2011

“Lehi’s Dream,” Friend, June 2011, 35

Lehi’s Dream

Lehi's Dream rebus

Illustrations by Scott Greer

Lehi was a prophet. He had a dream about his family. In his dream, Lehi saw a tree. White fruit grew on the tree. The fruit made people who ate it happy. Lehi ate the fruit. Some of his family ate the fruit, but some in his family did not eat the fruit. Lehi also saw an iron rod and a straight path. The iron rod and the straight path led to the tree. Some people held the iron rod, walked along the straight path, and ate the fruit from the tree. Other people let go of the iron rod. These people did not walk along the straight path. They got lost in darkness. People in a large building made fun of those who ate the fruit. Some of the people who ate the fruit were ashamed. They left the tree. Some of them went to the large building. These people were not happy. The people who stayed at the tree were happy. God’s word is like the iron rod. When people follow it, they are happy.