Our Creative Friends
June 2011

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, June 2011, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

Kindness Builds My Ward Family

The ward is family, and I’m part of it.

I couldn’t be happier, not even one bit.

At church we’re taught virtues, things we should be;

Kindness—one I’m taught—begins with me.

If we strive to be righteous and kind,

We’re sure to have a perfect, clean mind.

A ward can be strengthened, and this can be done

If we’re kind to one another, just like the Son.

A ward can be changed through its members’ deeds;

They all can be planted just like some seeds.

If they’re nurtured and cared for they will start to grow,

A stem will shoot out, and behold and lo,

The plant will grow and blossom into full life.

And that is why we as members must all strive

To have goodness and care and none any less,

Of the great virtue we cherish, known as kindness.

Samuel S., age 11, England


Dogs, cats, bees,

Flowers, plants, trees;

This is what Heavenly Father made.

Stars, moons, and sun,

Waves and sand are fun;

This is what Heavenly Father made.

Spirit, body, birth,

Friends, family, earth;

This is what Heavenly Father made for us.

Christian M., age 8, California

Morning Breaks

The sun starts to dissolve into the midnight sky,

Leaving behind a darkness to demolish all joy.

Happy songs fade away,

Leaving nothing to fill the void.

The night goes meaningless till the morning breaks.

The sky turns a deep clear,

Becoming the brightest blue.

People turn and face the truth,

And you know only God could do this work.

Tessa D., age 11, Ohio

True Hero

When you donate to the poor,

You’re giving people a little more.

Then they will have what they need,

And they will say, “Thank you very much, indeed.”

Now you have given people hope.

The troubles they have, now they can cope.

After all that, if you think you’re worth zero,

You’re wrong. You’re a true hero.

Tanner M., age 10, Maryland

Grace F., age 8, California

Dallin H., age 6, Washington

Anise J., age 9, Pennsylvania

Attalia L., age 5, Queensland, Australia

Amelia P., age 11, Wisconsin

Layla D., age 5, Alberta, Canada

Kate K., age 12, Montana

Avery M., age 7, Florida

Emily N., age 9, New Brunswick, Canada

Chase H., age 11, Texas

Averie M., age 5, Illinois

Joshua J., age 9, Utah

Parker W., age 5, Idaho

Rylan C., age 7, Utah