Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 26–27

Our Creative Friends

When Will It Happen?

“When will it happen?”

I asked my Father,

As I watched from the heavens above.

“When will I see this great thing,

This holy act of love?”

My Father smiled and said, “In time,

For, my beloved child, can’t you see?

Because of His birth and life,

You too can become like me.”

“When will I see it?”

I asked my Father,

As I looked from the endless skies.

“When shall I know

That because of His love,

The holy Savior dies?”

My Father smiled and said, “Look down

At the things that must come to be.

For, according to this one Atonement,

You too can become like me.”

“When is it time?”

I questioned my Father,

As I waited to play my part.

“When will it be my special turn

To serve Thee with all my heart?”

My Father smiled and said, “My dear child,

Can you not already see?

I have opened a way for you and all others

That ye may become like me.”

Thomas Hunter M., age 10, Connecticut

Jesus Christ

J esus, the King of the Jews.

E qually fair to everyone.

S ets an example for each of us.

U sed parables to teach the gospel.

S uffered and died for us so we can be forgiven of our sins.

C ame in a vision to Joseph Smith.

H e is everyone’s Savior.

R esurrected after three days.

I am trying to be like Him in everything I do.

S pent His time helping others.

T rue and loyal to all who come unto Him.

Ashley V., age 9, New Zealand

Jesus’s Birth

Jesus was born in Bethlehem,

Born to be the King of men.

In the manger there He lay,

Soft and cozy on the hay.

By the cattle He was near,

Filled with glory, bringing cheer.

Angels sang a pretty song,

While the bells rang ding-dong.

Jay D., age 8, Arizona

1 Marlee M., age 10, Connecticut

2 Zoe Z., age 7, Arizona

3 Cameron S., age 5, Georgia

4 Conrad S., age 8, Idaho

5 Rhed H., age 6, Oregon

6 Dallen M., age 11, Ohio

7 Kailey R., age 9, Utah

8 Abby P., age 7, California

9 McKay W., age 9, Utah

10 Grant R., age 4, Pennsylvania

11 Philip G., age 10, Washington

12 Kalia N., age 4, Queensland, Australia

13 Annaliese C., age 6, Alberta, Canada

14 Liliana Y., age 7, North Carolina

15 Nathan W., age 5, New York