Prophets Dedicate Temples

“Prophets Dedicate Temples,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 19

Prophets Dedicate Temples

In nature no two snowflakes are alike, but here they are. Match each snowflake with the picture of a temple with another snowflake that is the same shape. Then you will find out which prophet dedicated each temple.

prophets and temples matching activity

Logan Temple © Steve Tregeagle; Salt Lake Temple © 1996 Steve Tregeagle; Ezra Taft Benson ©

  1. London England Temple

  2. Curitiba Brazil Temple

  3. Logan Utah Temple

  4. Frankfurt Germany Temple

  5. Melbourne Australia Temple

  6. Laie Hawaii Temple

  7. Salt Lake Temple

  8. Washington D.C. Temple

  1. Spencer W. Kimball

  2. Thomas S. Monson

  3. Heber J. Grant

  4. David O. McKay

  5. John Taylor

  6. Wilford Woodruff

  7. Ezra Taft Benson

  8. Gordon B. Hinckley