Friends in the News

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 40–41

Friends in the News

John B., 8, Colorado, enjoys playing football and roller hockey with his friends. He reads Book of Mormon stories every day before he does his schoolwork. His hero is Captain Moroni.

Libby Laureen A., 3, New York, likes to tell about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. She is a happy girl with sparkling eyes. She is a big help with her baby brother.

Marriah B., 5, New Hampshire, likes to sing, dance, run, climb, color pictures, and jump on the trampoline. She helps take care of her little brother, and she likes to help her mom and fold her clothes.

Ashton, Dalton, Sutton, and Peyton C., 8, 5, 3, and 2, Arizona, enjoy reading and playing on the computer. Ashton was just baptized, and it was a special day. Dalton and Sutton like playing soccer and T-ball. Peyton has fun wrestling with his brothers.

Farmington Utah South Stake

The activity day girls of the Farmington Utah South Stake participated in a day camp where they learned about President Hinckley’s nine “B’s” and worked on their Faith in God goals. They rotated through classes where they sewed a pillow, made thank-you cards, learned how to play volleyball, learned about keeping their bodies clean inside and out, and learned how to be a positive influence in their families. They discussed the importance of being humble and prayerful and sang a song about the nine “B’s.”

Sierra Ward

At a Primary activity day, the children of the Sierra Ward, Lancaster California Stake, gathered together to celebrate the early Church pioneers. The theme for the day was “Following in the Footsteps of the Pioneers.” They made candles, miniature covered wagons, and whirligigs. They also participated in several pioneer games. The day concluded with a bicycle parade in remembrance of the Saints entering the Salt Lake Valley.

Kristin S., 5, Georgia, likes coloring, reading, and going to school. She also likes to learn at church. Her favorite song is “Families Can Be Together Forever.”

Raymond Sixth Ward

The Raymond Sixth Ward Primary, Raymond Alberta Stake, had a service project where they filled shoe boxes with small gifts for children in developing countries. Some of the gifts included soap, toothbrushes, toy cars, jump ropes, and pencils. Each child stuffed one box for a girl and one box for a boy. They also wrote the children notes and drew them pictures. Everyone enjoyed the activity and gained a stronger testimony of the joy that can be found in giving service to others.

Shayla T., 7, Washington, enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon with her family and was so happy to have finished it. She is very kind and thinks of others. She recently donated her long hair to an organization that makes wigs for children who lose their hair. She likes to play soccer and is a good big sister.

Adam S., 7, Maine, loves his mom and dad. He likes to play board games and basketball and swim in his pool. He has two dogs, Pink and Duncan, and two guinea pigs, Stewey and Earl. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

Madelynn T., 8, Utah, was baptized on her birthday by her older brother. She was confirmed by her dad. It was a very special day. After her baptism, she went on a fun trip to a park with her family.

Christina W., 10, Texas, has taken piano lessons since she was five years old and practices faithfully. She courageously volunteered to share her musical talents with her El Paso First Ward by sometimes playing the piano in sacrament meeting. She also plays the piano in Primary when needed.

Williston Ward

The Primary children of the Williston Ward, Gainesville Florida Stake, had a fun Primary activity where they learned about Noah and the ark. The children first helped build an ark. Then they gathered the animals and searched for food. Finally, they loaded onto the ark and ate lunch during the storm. The activity was a success, and the Primary children talked about it for weeks after.

Elise and Joseph T., 6 and 3, Utah, both like to sing and read their scriptures. Elise enjoys bearing her testimony, playing the piano, and collecting rocks. She can’t wait to turn eight and be baptized. Joseph’s favorite song is “I Love to See the Temple.” He also enjoys playing in the sand and dirt, and he looks forward to going on a mission.

Milo Ward

The Primary children of the Milo Ward, Ucon Idaho Stake, put together 55 picture books to donate to the humanitarian center. They were all very excited to make books for children who didn’t have any.