Isaiah’s Prophecies

“Isaiah’s Prophecies,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 38–39

Isaiah’s Prophecies

An Old Testament prophet named Isaiah foretold many things about the Savior’s life and Second Coming.

1. Isaiah wrote that a Son would be given to us1 and be called Immanuel, which means “God is with us.”2

2. This child would eat curds and honey.3 Curds and honey were foods of the poor. God’s Son would be born as a helpless baby to a poor family.

3. Isaiah said God’s Son would be despised, afflicted, and oppressed by many people. Yet He would not speak against those who would hurt and kill Him. He would suffer for our sins and sorrows.4

4. At Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, all mankind will live in peace. Isaiah taught that even the animals will live in harmony: wolves, leopards, lions, and bears will no longer hunt lambs, goats, and calves.5

5. The Second Coming will bring glorious days when people live long, healthy lives.6 We can look forward to that great day as a time of learning and peace.

6. Because Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus Christ’s life are true, we can know that his prophecies about the Second Coming will be fulfilled as well.

New Testament Stories art by Paul Mann, © 1999 IRI; other illustrations also by Paul Mann