“Witnesses,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 7


Mary knows and marvels. Joseph’s certain too.

Their baby is the Son of God. The promise has come true.

There are a few who know it. Some wise men from afar

Come searching for the Savior by following a star.

Shepherds on the hillside hear angels sing with joy.

They hurry to the manger and kneel before the boy.

Perhaps a dove or donkey, perhaps a cow or lamb

Recognize the Master in the tiny great I Am.

Then Simeon and Anna, so old and very wise,

See the true Redeemer in the little baby’s eyes.

The Peacemaker is Jesus! Let Israel’s glory shine!

He will bless all nations. Oh, praise the Lord divine!

We are also witnesses of God’s great gift to earth.

We know that Jesus is the Christ—

Come celebrate His birth!

Illustration by Mark Robison