Mini Manger

“Mini Manger,” Friend, Dec. 2008, 37

Mini Manger

You will need:

large pinecone or brown paper cut into 1/2 x 1/2-inch (1 x 1-cm) squares

a clean plastic scoop from a dry-detergent box

a small handful of moss, raffia, or hay

craft glue

yellow construction paper

1 tissue

  1. Remove the scales from the pinecone and set them aside.

  2. Place the scoop on a table with the handle pointing toward the ceiling. Glue a bit of moss, raffia, or hay in the bottom of the scoop, or the side that is resting on the table. This will be the floor of the stable.

  3. To represent the baby Jesus, cut out a small oval shape from the construction paper and wrap one end with a small piece of tissue. Use a fine-tipped marker to draw eyes and a smile on the other end, if desired. Place the baby on the moss, raffia, or hay.

    mini manger
  4. Glue rows of pinecone scales on the “roof” of the stable to look like shingles. Start on the edge farthest from the scoop’s handle and work toward the handle.

  5. Cut a star from the construction paper and glue the star to the top of the handle. Let the glue dry completely.