The Gift
January 1979

“The Gift,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 60

The Gift

Strange. …

Somehow tonight I know

You need me more

Than you have ever needed

Anyone before.

No one told me—

You didn’t say—

And there are miles and time and space

That separate our way.

And yet I know

As I have always known.

We’ve never needed words,

Not you and I,

To touch-communicate.

A look, a thought, a prayer,

And I was always there

When you needed me.

Long ago …

Before the world was,

In another sphere of time and space,

Perhaps we were inseparable,

You and I … before our birth. …

Perhaps there was

Some difficulty deciding

Who should come first,

Who be the daughter

And who the mother,

Here on earth.

But of the two …

You were held back to come forth

At a later time and day

To bless my life with trust

And gentle joy

And bring my way

A oneness such

Few will ever know.