Can You Use These Filmstrips?
January 1979

“Can You Use These Filmstrips?” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 72

Can You Use These Filmstrips?

Turn the Hearts of the Children. An excellent new filmstrip to show at family organization meetings and genealogical workshops is Turn the Hearts of the Children. Touching on the new directions the Church is taking in work for the dead (see Ensign, June 1978, pp. 62–68), the filmstrip presents four simple guidelines for achieving accuracy while compiling or rechecking four-generation sheets: getting proper documentation, being thorough but reasonable, being consistent and logical, and proofreading. (Stock no. VVOF2580, 13 minutes, $2.00, cassette tape included.)

Who Am I? This new filmstrip is both an excellent missionary (introducing genealogy buffs to the gospel) and a means of helping Church members catch the vision of genealogy. Genealogy is seen first as a hobby, then as a method to answer the question of personal identity, and finally as a means of binding families together eternally. It can also be the key to discovering that we are children of God. (Stock no. VVOF2616, 13 minutes, $2.5, cassette tape included.)

As I Have Loved You. This sensitive new filmstrip reminds members of the Church that although some people may appear “different,” they still need love and acceptance. Reviewing our spiritual relationships in the premortal world, free from the distractions of earthly values, the filmstrip asks: Can’t we look for eternal qualities in each other here and now also?

Several real-life situations are presented with the question, “What would a disciple of Christ do?”

Although prepared for, featuring, and narrated by young women, this filmstrip would easily spark motivating discussions in family home evenings, priesthood quorums, auxiliary classes (adult as well as youth), and firesides. (Stock no. VVOF2671, 8 minutes, $1.5, cassette tape included.)

Serves You Right. This new filmstrip, appropriate for ward and stake correlation council meetings, explains that the Activities Committee exists to provide help, ideas, and resources when activities of auxiliary and priesthood organizations overlap or when an individual organization needs help from outside its own resources. Specific examples show the benefit of using the committee. (Stock no. VVOF2718, 12 minutes, $2.00, cassette tape included.)

He’s in Your Hands. The successful fellowshipping of a boy through the efforts of a teachers’ quorum is dramatized in this new filmstrip. In the story, a quorum presidency recognizes its responsibility to bring a quorum member into full priesthood activity, and carefully plans with a purpose. (Stock no. VVOF265A, 12 minutes, $2.1, cassette tape included.)

As he nurtures an injured bird, a teachers quorum president learns to nurture a young man’s testimony in the filmstrip He’s in Your Hands.