Kindling Cupcakes
January 1979

“Kindling Cupcakes,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 58

Kindling Cupcakes

If you’re short on kindling for starting the fire in your fireplace, why not use wax cupcakes instead? All you need are leftover candle stubs, sawdust, and a package of cupcake liners. Any lumberyard will be glad to give you all the sawdust you need.

Melt the stubs over low heat. While they are melting, put cupcake liners in a muffin tin and fill them two-thirds full of sawdust. Pour the melted wax into the liners, stir well with an old spoon or small stick, and let harden.

When you want a fire, place one cupcake under the logs and light the edge of the liner. The tiny flame will start up the side of the logs and—very slowly—ignite them. You may have to see this work once to believe it, but if you use these little cupcakes, you’ll never bother with kindling again! Louise Price Bell, Tucson, Arizona