January 1979

“Contents,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 1


January 1979

Volume 9 Number 1

On the cover: What looks like an impressionistic rendering of autumn foliage is actually the view through the poured glass of a Kirtland Temple window. (Used with permission of Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Independence, Missouri, which owns, maintains, and operates the Kirtland Temple, Kirtland, Ohio.)

Back cover: A closeup showing some of the workmanship on the Kirtland Temple spire, one hundred and ten feet above the ground. Photography by Longin Lonczyna, Jr.

Inside front cover: The front of the Kirtland Temple as viewed from the east. Photography by Longin Lonczyna, Jr.

Inside back cover: An aerial view of Kirtland, Ohio, today, showing the temple in the center of the picture, with the older section of the city beyond. Photography by Jed A. Clark.