New Homemaking Booklet
January 1979

“New Homemaking Booklet,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 73

New Homemaking Booklet

The 1978–79 Relief Society Homemaking Booklet is filled with a broad range of ideas—on topics from food preparation and stitchery to personal care, home repairs, and home craft.

The Food Preparation section includes ways to save money on meals (“15 Ways to Save at the Supermarket,” “ABCs of Buying Fresh Fruit and Vegetables,” “Economical Meat Cuts,” etc.) and hints on canning, drying, and freezing fruits and vegetables. Also included are recipes for using food storage items.

The Sewing and Stitchery section offers ideas for improving sewing skills, adjusting patterns, quilting, and crocheting. There is also a section on “Sewing for the Physically Handicapped.”

The Home Management and Beautification section gives hints on refinishing furniture and making home repairs. It also lists emergency home supplies.

The Varied Interests section includes such items as sports, daytime and evening make-up, hair care, fashion, and entertaining. There are units on keeping preschoolers busy and amused, giving gifts to grandchildren, and “Creating a ‘Grandmother Book.’” The Christmas section contains decorating as well as gift ideas.

A short section, designed for homemaking leaders and counselors, includes information on planning a minicourse workshop and organizing a homemaking fair.

The final unit, prepared by Dian Thomas, author of Roughing It Easy, gives tips on outdoor camping and cooking.

Printed so that teachers and leaders may reproduce sections of it for distribution in classes and workshops, the 238-page booklet is available through Church distribution centers for $1.35 (stock no. PCRS57Wl).