Powdered Milk Magic
January 1979

“Powdered Milk Magic,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 59

Powdered Milk Magic

The powdered milk in your food storage can be converted into many delicious, nutritious food products if just one magic item is added to your shelf: rennet tablets. Don’t be surprised if the name isn’t familiar. Rennet is an enzyme that causes milk to coagulate.

Inexpensive rennet tablets can be purchased in most grocery stores in the same section as pudding and gelatin. Rennet will turn powdered milk into cottage cheese, an excellent source of protein. With the tablets you can also make a custard (your grandmother called it junket), ice cream, sherbet, and even fudge. The directions come with the package. Imagine how much further that powdered milk will go with the addition of a little “magic.” Virginia Callister, Golden, Colorado