Coloring Quiz
January 1979

“Coloring Quiz,” Ensign, Jan. 1979, 58

Coloring Quiz

When I have five minutes of Sunday School class time left, I pass out paper and crayons to my six-year-olds and give them a coloring quiz.

I ask the children to fold their papers in half twice, making four squares on each side. I then ask simple questions from the lesson, such as “How did old Mr. Winters feel when he had no one to help celebrate his birthday?” and “How did Mr. Winters feel when Jamie and his friends gave him a birthday party?”

Then the children draw the answers. Their clever drawings please all of us—this is a much-awaited part of each class, a delightful incentive to listen carefully, and a visual reminder of the lesson to share with parents. Janet Bernhisel, Fort Bragg, California