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Please note: Church services may be altered to follow public health guidelines. 

Our Community

We’re a Christ-focused community, doing our best to love and serve others. Come join us.


Our buildings say “Welcome” for a reason

God can make you a better person—and you can make us a better Church! Join us as we worship Heavenly Father and Jesus and try to live Their teachings.

A woman smiles in a church congregation as she learns about the Savior.
A woman smiles in a church congregation as she learns about the Savior.


Find a caring community near you

Just as a house can be turned into a home with love, so too can a neighborhood and a church become a caring community where people can connect with each other and worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

A man loads furniture into a moving van
A man loads furniture into a moving van

This Is Church

Church begins on Sunday, but does it end there?

Imagine if church extended beyond the four walls of a building to inspire us every day.

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There’s a Place for Everyone and a Place for You

We have programs for every age and stage of life. Each program helps our members live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Common Questions about Church Services

Do I have to participate at church?
Visitors are welcome to participate, but they are not required to. When the bread and water of the sacrament (or Communion) are distributed to the congregation, if you don’t feel comfortable participating, simply pass the tray to the next person. Other than that, feel free to sit back and just enjoy the service.
Can I participate if I’m not a member?
Yes! You are invited to join us for weekly activities, social outings, service projects, and Church services. We’d love to get to know you and will appreciate your involvement in the community.
What should I wear at church?
You’re welcome to come in any clothes you feel comfortable in. Most men wear button-up shirts and ties, women typically wear dresses or skirts, and children usually dress up too.
How long are Church services?
Each meeting is one hour. If you attend both sacrament meeting and one of the meetings for men, women, or children, you can expect services to be about two hours long.