Ward FSY Representative

Overview of Responsibilities

All ward FSY representatives, including those who are part of stakes not attending FSY this upcoming summer, should:

  • Become familiar with the FSY website, particularly the FAQ, and refer leadersparents and youth, and young single adults to the website to answer any FSY questions.
    • For questions not answered on the website, reach out to your stake Young Women and Young Men presidents.
  • Act as a liaison for FSY between the stake Young Women and Young Men presidents and your ward.
  • Encourage young single adults to apply to work as FSY counselors, which will create an opportunity for them to mentor youth, strengthen their own testimony, and serve in meaningful ways.

Ward FSY representatives who are part of stakes attending FSY this upcoming summer should:

  • Promote FSY and ensure that all information about your assigned session is communicated to youth, parents, and leaders.
  • Encourage:
    • parents to make FSY a priority in their summer activities.
    • youth to  register soon after registration opens and to make a special effort to reach out and invite new members, less-active members, and people of other faiths.
  • Monitor the Youth Report to help with youth approvals and registration.
  • Monitor the Registration Issues page to resolve errors prior to registration.
  • Work with ward disability specialists to ensure youth with dietary, disability, medical, or other needs request appropriate accommodations at FSY.
  • Support stake youth leadership and the stake Young Women and Young Men presidents in planning and executing stake FSY activities to be held before and after the session(s).

Details of Responsibilities

Counselors will be provided with housing, meals, and transportation, as well as a weekly allowance. They are expected to work for four or more weeks during the summer.

  • Encourage all eligible young single adults to apply to be FSY counselors.
    • Counselors have a major influence on the youth and play a pivotal role in the success of FSY conferences. As such, leaders should prayerfully consider who they should encourage to apply as counselors. They should encourage young single adults primarily based on their ability to strengthen youth rather than solely as an opportunity for the young single adult to be strengthened. Young single adults will be responsible for the spiritual and physical safety of the youth. Young single adults who support or promote any teachings, practices, or doctrine contrary to those of the Church or who are currently going through a membership council should not be encouraged to apply to be an FSY counselor.
  • Distribute the YSA recruitment poster to young single adults, wards, and leaders in your stake. The poster will be added to the top of this page soon. Once added, please ensure your ward FSY representatives distribute as well.
  • The poster may be printed and hung in meetinghouses, emailed to YSA, and/or used in social media posts promoting the opportunity.

Youth Registration

  • Distribute FSY theme posters to youth, parents, leaders, and wards in your stake.
    • The poster may be printed and hung in meetinghouses, emailed to youth and parents, and/or used in social media posts promoting the opportunity.
  • Monitor approvals on the Youth Report and work with ward FSY representatives to encourage bishoprics to complete these approvals prior to January 1. This is a required step in the registration process and youth cannot register until they have been approved. Bishoprics do not need to interview youth unless they aren't certain if they meet the participation requirements.
  • Encourage all youth to log into this site prior to your stake's registration date to ensure their login is working as expected and that they know their username and password.
  • Note important registration dates on the Registration Timeline and communicate them to youth, parents, and leaders.
  • Monitor the Youth Report to encourage and help all eligible youth with registration.
  • If a ward disability specialist is called, ensure they are supporting youth and parents with disabilities during the registration process and requesting necessary accommodations.
    • If no ward disability specialist is called, this is your responsibility

Youth Transportation

  • The stake Young Women president will inform you whether youth and families need to find their own transportation to the conference location or if transportation will be provided for them.
    • If group travel is being arranged by the ward, leaders should follow the travel guidelines in the Church General Handbook, 20.7.7.
    • Work with the stake disability specialist or stake Young Women president to ensure youth that require accommodations have them during transportation.

  • Support the informational and inspirational stake pre-session "Before You Go” and post-session “Taking It Home” youth activities.
    • An additional devotional may be held for parents and ward leaders to help them understand the purposes and objectives of FSY and how this differs from a typical stake youth conference.
  • Remind youth in Sunday classes, weeknight activities, and devotionals throughout the year of the goals they set at the end of FSY and the lessons they learned.
  • Ensure the planning committee is aware of youth with dietary, disability, medical, or other needs so they can be included in these activities with appropriate accommodations. Work with the ward disability specialist to understand what accommodations are needed.

Who Do I Work With?

Local leaders are key to the success of FSY. Their role is essential before, during, and after the conference.

  • Work directly with these leaders as they plan stake activities, coordinate travel, and provide registration support.
  • Ask them about any questions you may have regarding logistics, registration, policies, etc. that are not answered on the website.

  • Remind these leaders to approve ward youth prior to January 1.
  • Encourage bishoprics to seek out, prayerfully consider, and personally invite young single adults to apply to serve as FSY field staff.

Wards are not required to call a ward disability specialist. However, they can be an invaluable support to the youth and parents in the ward with disabilities. If no ward disability specialist is called, you are responsible for their duties.

  • Ensure these leaders are working with youth and parents with disabilities that may require support during registration.

  • Rely on these youth to help you organize efforts around youth registration, transportation, and other activities. Empower them to take ownership of the success of FSY in your ward.

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