Bishopric or Branch Presidency

Overview of Responsibilities

All bishoprics and branch presidencies, including those who are part of stakes not attending FSY this upcoming summer, should:

  • Encourage young single adults to apply to work as FSY field staff, which will create an opportunity for them to mentor youth, strengthen their own testimony, and serve in meaningful ways.
  • Call a ward FSY representative and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.

Bishoprics and branch presidencies who are part of stakes attending FSY this upcoming summer should:

  • Budget $75 USD ($100 CAD) for each youth attending FSY in the ward’s Budget-FSY category. Funding to subsidize any youth who is unable to pay the participant fee should also be held in the ward’s Budget-FSY category. For more information regarding FSY budget, see Billing Information.
  • Approve youth to attend FSY on the youth approval tool.
  • Support and participate in stake FSY activities before and after the session(s) your stake is assigned to attend.
  • Encourage:
    • parents to make FSY a priority in their summer activities.
    • youth to  register soon after registration opens and to make a special effort to reach out and invite new members, less-active members, and people of other faiths.
  • If sufficient members live within your ward boundaries, please consider calling a ward disability specialist to support youth with disabilities.
  • Give youth opportunities to share their experience at FSY at a sacrament meeting, ward activity, or devotional.
  • Work with your stake and ward youth leadership in determining the best way to extend the FSY experience.

Calling a Ward FSY Representative

All wards should call a ward FSY representative. Please enter that member into the Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) system so stake Young Women and Young Men presidents can coordinate through that designated member and so they may have access to the reports necessary for them to fulfill their calling. It is recommended that you place a member of the bishopric or ward Young Women presidency in that calling. You may also make this calling independent of other callings. To enter a member in this standard call on the Church systems, you will log in to the LCR application. Navigate to the callings by going through the following menu choices: Organizations -> Other Callings -> For the Strength of Youth.

See the Ward FSY Representative or YSA Ward FSY Representative page for details regarding their responsibilities.

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