Vidjos u Xbihat
L-Evanġelju fl-Għemejjel

L-Evanġelju fl-Għemejjel

  1. Żagħżugħ qed Jitgħammed

    Ġw. 3:5; Rum. 6:3–6; 2 Ne. 9:23; 31:5–12; Mosiah 18:8–11; 3 Ne. 11:23–26, 37–38; D&C 20:71–73; Moses 6:64–65; A of F 1:4

    A young man being baptized by another man. They are both Korean.
  2. Tifla qed Titgħammed

    D&C 68:25–28; Ara wkoll l-iskrittura għal stampa 103

    A young girl being baptized in a font by an adult man.
  3. Id-Don tal-Ispirtu s-Santu

    Atti 2:38.; 2 Ne. 32:5; Moro. 2:1–3; D&C 33:15; 39:23; 49:14; 68:25; A of F 1:4

    a young girl with hands placed on top of her head
  4. Ordinazzjoni għas-Saċerdozju

    Lhud 5:4; D&C 84:33–44; 107:6–20; A of F 1:5

    A young man being ordained or set apart.
  5. Tberik tas-Sagrament

    JST, Matt. 26:22 (f’ Matt. 26:26, nota f’ qiegħ il-paġna b), 24–25; JST, Mark 14:20–24; Moro. 4–5; D&C 20:46, 75–79; 27:2

    Two dark-haired young men in white shirts and ties bow their heads at the sacrament table to bless the sacrament.
  6. Tqassim tas-Sagrament

    3 Ne. 18:1–11; Moro. 6:5–6; D&C 20:75

    A blonde toddler reaching out to take a cup of water from a sacrament tray being passed to him in a sacrament meeting.
  7. Missjunarji: Presbiteri

    Matt. 28:19; Alma 26:1–16; D&C 4; 18:15–16; 42:6–7; 50:13–14; 84:88

    Two male missionaries in white shirts and ties standing on a busy street corner, talking to a young man in jeans and a T-shirt.
  8. Missjunarji: Sisters

    Ara skrittura għal stampa 109

    Two sister missionaries talking to a woman on the street.
  9. Tifel Żgħir Jitlob

    2 Ne. 32:8–9; Alma 34:17–27; 37:36–37; 3 Ne. 18:18–20; D&C 20:33; 112:10

    young boy praying
  10. Talb tal-Familja

    3 Ne. 18:21; D&C 68:25, 28

    a family kneeling with arms folded around a table
  11. Ħlas tad-Dieċmi

    Ġen. 14:18–20; Mal. 3:8–11; Alma 13:15; D&C 64:23; 119

    A young Polynesian girl handing her tithing to the bishop with her family standing behind her.
  12. Dieċmi Hija Għaxra fil-Mija

    Ara skrittura għal stampa 113

    Nine coins in a stack with the tenth coin lying next to them. Illustrates the principle of tithing.
  13. Servizz

    Matt. 25:34–40; Ġw 13:35; Mosiah 2:17; 18:8–9

    A young man and his mother working in a flower garden as an elderly woman looks on.
  14. Kristu u Wliedu Minn Madwar id-Dinja

    Matt. 19:13–15; Mark 10:13–16; Luqa 18:15–17

    Jesus Christ depicted with four children of various ethnic backgrounds. A young Asian girl is looking up at Christ. Christ has His arm around the girl. Christ's other hand is resting on the hand of a young black boy. The boy is looking up at Christ. A Caucasian boy are girl and standing beside Christ. Both are resting their hands on Christ's shoulder.
  15. It-Tempju ta’ Kirtland

    D&C 94:1–9; 95:8, 13–14; 109; 110; Our Heritage, 33–36

    Kirtland Temple
  16. It-Tempju ta’ Nauvoo Illinois

    D&C 124:26–44; Our Heritage, 58–61

    The Nauvoo Illinois Temple
  17. It-Tempju ta’ Salt Lake

    Our Heritage, 102

    Altered photograph of the Salt Lake Temple. The clouds have been added and the colors changed.
  18. Koppja Żagħżugħa Sejra t-Tempju

    D&C 131:1–3; 132:4–7, 19–20

    A bride and groom standing in front of the Hawaii Temple. The couple are holding hands.
  19. Fonti għall-Magħmudija fit-Tempju

    Ġw 3:5; 1 Kor. 15:29; D&C 124:29–30

    The baptistry in the Salt Lake Temple. The view of the baptistry shows the baptismal font supported by twelve golden oxen, and the stairs leading to the font.