Vidjos u Xbihat
Ktieb ta’ Mormon

Ktieb ta’ Mormon

  1. Leħi Jipprofetizza lin-Nies ta’ Ġerusalem

    1 Ne. 1:18–20

    Lehi preaching to the people of Jerusalem. Several people are mocking and pointing their fingers at him. Lehi is standing above them on a raised area. There are palm trees and buildings in the background.
  2. Il-Liahona

    1 Ne. 16:10, 26–29; Alma 37:38–46

    The Book of Mormon prophet Lehi portrayed kneeling on the ground. Lehi is holding the Liahona in his hands. Nephi is standing behind Lehi and is also looking at the Liahona. Other members of the family of Lehi are gathered around Lehi and Nephi.
  3. Il-Ħolma ta’ Leħi

    1 Ne. 8; 11–12

    Lehi’s Dream, by Jerry Thompson
  4. Nefi Jrażżan lil Ħutu Ribellużi

    1 Ne. 17:15–55

    Nephi Rebuking His Rebellious Brothers, by Arnold Friberg
  5. Leħi u n-Nies Tiegħu Jaslu fl-Art Imwiegħda

    1 Ne. 18:1–24

    The Book of Mormon prophet Lehi and his family aboard a ship. The family members are looking at and pointing to the shores of the promised land. Birds are flying around the ship.
  6. Enos Jitlob

    Enos 1

    Enos kneeling in prayer in a forest landscape. He is carrying a hunting bow and arrows.
  7. Mormon Iqassar il-Kitba ta’ Fuq il-Pjanċi

    W of M 1:1–11; 3 Ne. 5:9–18

    The Book of Mormon prophet Mormon sitting on a bench. The bench is covered with a leopard skin. Mormon has his left arm resting on the gold plates. His right hand is resting on a roll of parchment on his lap. The gold plates are sitting on a table along with other parchment rolls. Numerous other gold plates and parchment rolls are lying on shelves in the background.
  8. Is-Sultan Benjamin Jindirizza lill-Poplu Tiegħu

    Mosiah 1:9–11, 18; 2–6

    Benjamin (Book of Mormon king) standing on a tower constructed within a temple complex. The king is delivering his final address to the Nephite people. The Nephites are gathered around the temple complex listening to the king.
  9. Abinadi quddiem is-Sultan Noè

    Mosiah 11:20–29; 12:17–37; 13–17

    The Book of Mormon prophet Abinadi preaching before King Noah and the wicked priests. Abinadi is bound in chains. Scriptural reference: Mosiah 12:18-37, 13:1-9
  10. Alma Jgħammed fl-Ilmijiet ta’ Mormon

    Mosiah 18:7–17

    Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon, by Arnold Friberg
  11. Il-Konverżjoni ta’ Alma ż-Żgħir

    Mosiah 27:8–37; Alma 36:3–24

    An angel appearing to Alma the Younger. The angel is commanding Alma to stop persecuting the church. The four sons of King Mosiah are also present.
  12. Ammonin Jiddefendi l-Merħla tas-Sultan Lamoni

    Alma 17:20–39

    Ammon (Book of Mormon figure) using a sword to defend the flocks of the Lamanite King Lamoni. Scriptural reference: Alma 17:26-39
  13. Il-Kaptan Moroni Jgħolli t-Titlu tal-Libertà

    Alma 46:10–37

    Moroni (Book of Mormon military captain) standing with his sword pointed toward those of his soldiers. Moroni is waving the "Title of Liberty" as he rallies the Nephite armies. The swords of the Nephite soldiers are raised toward the "Title of Liberty" as a sign of support. Scriptural reference: Alma 46:12-22
  14. Elfejn Gwerrier Żagħżugħ

    Alma 53:10–22; 56; 57:19–27

    The Book of Mormon prophet Helaman riding on a white horse. Helaman is leading an army of 2,000 young Lamanite warriors. The warriors are marching and carrying spears. Scriptural reference: Alma 53:16-22.
  15. Samwel il-Lamanita fuq il-Ħajt

    Hel. 13:1–16:8; 3 Ne. 1:4–15; 8:3–25

    Samuel the Lamanite (Book of Mormon prophet) preaching to the Nephites. Samuel is portrayed standing on top of a stone wall. Some of the Nephites are shooting arrows at Samuel in an attempt to kill him. Scriptural reference: Helaman 16:2
  16. Ġesù Jgħallem fl-Emisfera tal-Punent

    3 Ne. 11:8–41; 12–26

    Christ in white robes stands at the top of stone steps and is surrounded by people worshipping him. Mountains, trees and partially crumbled buildings are visible in the background. Depiction of Christ as a resurrected being appearing to the Nephites. (3 Nephi 11:10)
  17. Ġesù Jfejjaq lin-Nefiti

    3 Ne. 17:5–10

    Jesus Healing the Nephites, by Ted Henninger
  18. Ġesù Jbierek lit-Tfal Nefiti

    3 Ne. 17:11–25

    The resurrected Christ in the Americas, among the Nephites. He has His hands out teaching a group of surrounding children. Angels are in the background.
  19. Ħu Ġared Jara Subgħajn il-Mulej

    Ether 3:1–16

    The brother of Jared (Book of Mormon prophet) kneeling and shielding his eyes from a bright light. The light is emanating from the stones the brother of Jared asked for the Lord to give light to. The stones are shining with light after having been touched by the finger of the Lord. Scriptural reference: Ether 3:4-16
  20. Moroni Jaħbi l-Pjanċi fl-Għolja Kumorah

    Morm. 6:6; 8:1, 3–4; Moro. 10:1–5

    Moroni Burying the Plates, by Tom Lovell