Vidjos u Xbihat
Storja tal-Knisja

Storja tal-Knisja

  1. Brother Joseph

    2 Ne. 3:6–15; D&C 5:9–10; 21:1–5; 27:13; 135:3; JS—H

    Joseph Smith holding a Book of Mormon.
  2. Emma Smith

    D&C 25

    Portrait painting of Emma Smith
  3. Joseph Smith Ifittex l-Għerf fil-Bibbja

    JS—H 1:5–13

    Young prophet sits in rocker reading large family Bible--reads James.
  4. L-Ewwel Dehra

    JS—H 1:14–20

    The Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. in the Sacred Grove (in Manchester, New York) when he received the First Vision. Joseph is depicted kneeling before God the Father and Jesus Christ. Both God the Father and Christ are portrayed wearing white robes. The Father is presenting Christ to Joseph. There are trees in the background. (Joseph Smith - History 1:15-20)
  5. Moroni Jidher lil Joseph Smith fil-Kamra Tiegħu

    JS—H 1:27–47

    The Prophet Joseph Smith sitting on his bed in the Smith farm house. Joseph has a patchwork quilt over his knees. He is looking up at the angel Moroni who has appeared before him. Moroni is depicted wearing a white robe. The painting depicts the event wherein the angel Moroni appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith three times in the Prophet's bedroom during the night of September 21, 1823 to inform him of the existence and location of the gold plates, and to instruct him as to his responsibility concerning the plates.
  6. Joseph Smith Jittraduċi l-Ktieb ta’ Mormon

    JS—H 1:34–35, 71 nota f’qiegħ il-paġna; D&C 20:8–11

    Joseph Smith, Jr. is depicted seated next to a desk, hunched over the Gold Plates, with his head resting on his hand, elbow bent and on desktop. There is a gas lamp on the desk and a partition separates him from Oliver Cowdery, who is partially obstructed from our view. He is also seated at a desk, writing on a piece of paper.
  7. Ġwanni l-Battista Jagħti s-Saċerdozju Aaroniku

    D&C 13; JS—H 1:68–73

    Joseph Smith, Jr. and Oliver Cowdery kneeling before John the Baptist. John the Baptist has his hands placed on the head of Joseph Smith, Jr. as he restores the Aaronic Priesthood. John is depicted wearing white. There are trees and a river in the background.
  8. Ir-Restawrazzjoni tas-Saċerdozju Melkisedeku

    D&C 27:12–13; 128:20; JS—H 1:72

    The Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. kneeling on the banks of the Susquehanna River in may or June of 1829. The New Testament-era Apostles Peter, James and John (dressed in white) are standing by Joseph. The apostles have their hands upon Joseph's head as they confer the Melchizedek Priesthood upon him. Oliver Cowdery is kneeling by Joseph. There are trees in the foreground and background.
  9. Elija Jidher fit-Tempju ta’ Kirtland

    Mal. 4:5–6; D&C 110:13–16

    Elijah appearing in the Kirtland Temple
  10. Emma timxi fuq is-Silġ

    Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith (2007), 369

    Emma Hale Smith holding her children close to her as they cross the frozen Mississippi River. The family is wrapped in blankets, and Emma is hiding some of the manuscripts of the inspired version of the Bible in her clothing.
  11. Joseph Smith fil-Ħabs ta’ Liberty

    D&C 121–23; Our Heritage: A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1996), 49–53

    Joseph Smith Jr. kneeling amongst dirt and straw and praying
  12. It-Twaqqif tas-Soċjetà tal-Għajnuna

    Our Heritage, 61–62

    Painting depicts Joseph (seen in profile wearing a black/brown coat and a white shirt and holding a book in his right hand) speaking to a large group of women. There are five women seated in the front row, six women in the second row, three women in the third row and four figures standing in the back that are only partially visible. From left to right front row: a Woman in a pale yellow plaid dress, brown center parted hair holding a child; and woman in a blue dress with a large white collar and a ringlet hairstyle; a woman in a green dress with pink under-sleeves leaning slightly forward; and woman in a yellow chevron striped dress with a white cap, woman in a dark dress and a white tiered lace collar with brooch and a ringlet-braid hairstyle.From left to right second row a woman in a green floral dress with a brown centered parted hair with a hand on her shoulder; a woman with a green floral dress with white collar and cap; a woman in a coral colored stripped dress with a cap far back on her head; and woman in a blue print dress with small white lace collar; a woman in a tan floral dress with light brown ringlets; and a woman in a pink dress with a small boy on her lap. Third row from left to right: a woman in a yellow stripped dress with a white inset and brooch, a woman in a pale blue dress with center parted hair and a woman in an orange/pink dress with a cap. Standing are a figure in blue (arm only ) a woman in a brown dress with red cuffs(hand on the shoulder of the woman seated in front of her) and woman in a olive colored dress with a green stripe and a figure in a red dress. Lower red corner reads, "Walter Rane" in red.
  13. Esodu minn Nauvoo, Frar - Mejju 1846

    Our Heritage, 69–70

    A raft with a covered wagon leaving Nauvoo with the temple above on a hill.
  14. Dan Jones Jippriedka l-Evanġelju f’ Wales

    Our Heritage, 63

    Dan Jones is depicted preaching the gospel in Wales. He is standing on a stone wall talking to the people around him. He has one arm upraised holding a copy of the Book of Mormon.
  15. Mary Fielding Smith u Joseph F. Smith Jaqsmu l-Pjanuri

    Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith (1998), xiv, 21–22

    Mary Fielding and Joseph F. Smith walking beside oxen and covered wagons.
  16. Pijunieri tal-Karettuni tal-Idejn Resqin lejn il-Wied ta’ Salt Lake

    Our Heritage, 77–80

    A group of LDS handcart pioneers standing on a summit. They are looking toward the Salt Lake Valley for the first time, as their journey ends. The pioneers are stopping and expressing gratitude for their pending arrival to join the Saints.