Vidjos u Xbihat
Testment il-Qadim

Testment il-Qadim

  1. Ġesù Kristu

    Es. 3:14; D&C 38:1; Ġw. 14:6; Mosiah 3:17; Hel. 5:12; 3 Ne. 9:14–18; Morm. 9:11; D&C 76:22–24, 40–42

    Frontal head and shoulders portrait of Jesus Christ. Christ is depicted wearing a pale red robe with a white and blue shawl over one shoulder. Light emanates from His face.
  2. Il-Mulej Ħoloq Kollox

    Moses 1:31–33, 39; 7:30; Mosiah 4:9

    A photograph of space showing stars and other celestial bodies.
  3. Id-Dinja

    Ġen. 1; Moses 2; D&C 59:16–21; Ara wkoll l-iskrittura għal stampa 2

    Photograph of the earth from space.
  4. Adam u Eva għarkubbtejhom Quddiem Altar

    2 Ne. 2:17–25; Moses 5:4–11

    Adam (Old Testament prophet) and his wife Eve kneeling at an altar constructed of stones.
  5. Adam u Eva Jgħallmu lil Uliedhom

    Moses 5:12; D&C 68:25, 28

    Adam and Eve sitting with their children under a tree.
  6. Il-Belt ta’ Sijon Tittieħed Lejn is-Sema

    Ġen. 5:24; Lhud 11:5; Moses 7:18–19, 69

    The Old Testament prophet Enoch and people from the City of Zion being translated. The people are depicted kneeling on a cloud. Enoch has his arms raised in the air.
  7. Tinbena l-Arka

    Ġen. 6–7; Moses 8

    Noah preaches to crowd
  8. Noè u l-Arka bl-Annimali

    Ġen 6:12–22; 7:2–23; 8

    The Old Testament prophet Noah and his family aboard the ark. Noah is watching the animals board the ark. Storm clouds and lightning are depicted in the sky.
  9. Abraham Jieħu lil Iżakk sabiex Jiġi Ssagrifikat

    Ġen. 21:1–8; 22:1–18; Jacob 4:5

    The Old Testament prophet Abraham with his son Isaac. Isaac is portrayed as a young man. Abraham and Isaac are standing by a donkey. The donkey is carrying wood for Abraham to use to prepare a sacrifice. The image depicts Abraham preparing to obey the command to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  10. Rebekka Ħdejn il-Bir

    Ġen. 24

    The Old Testament figure Rebekah pouring water from a jug into a cup. The cup is held by the servant of Abraham. The servant is depicted seeking a wife for Isaac, the son of Abraham.
  11. Ġużeppi Jirreżisti lill-Mara ta’ Putifar

    Ġen. 39; D&C 42:22–24

    The wife of Potiphar (an officer in the court of Pharaoh of Egypt) pulling on the arm and cloak of Joseph (the son of Israel and overseer of Potiphar's house). Joseph is resisting the advances of Potiphar's wife.
  12. Ġakobb Ibierek lil Uliedu

    Ġen. 49

    The Old Testament prophet Israel (Jacob) with his sons gathered around him. One of the sons (Joseph) is kneeling before his father. Israel has his hand on the son's head as he prepares to give him a priesthood blessing.
  13. Mosè u l-Għollieq Jaqbad

    Es. 3:1–4:17; Atti 7:30–33

    The burning bush
  14. L-Għaxar Kmandamenti

    Es. 19–20

    The Old Testament prophet Moses standing near Mount Sinai. Moses is holding the tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved on them.
  15. Mosè Jagħti s-Saċerdozju lil Aaron

    Es. 28:1–29:9; 40:12–15; Lhud 5:4

    The Old Testament prophet Moses ordaining his brother Aaron to the ministry. Aaron is seated in a chair before Moses. Several priests are gathered around watching. The ordination is depicted in the interior courtyard of the tabernacle in the wilderness.
  16. Mosè u s-Serp tal-Bronż

    Num. 21:4–9; Ġw. 3:14; Alma 33:19–21

    The Old Testament prophet Moses pointing to a staff with a brass serpent attached to the top. The painting illustrates the event wherein Moses promised the Israelites that they would be saved from the fiery serpents if they looked at the brass serpent.
  17. Rut Tiġbor l-Iżbul fl-Għelieqi

    Rut 1–4

    Ruth (Old Testament figure) gleaning wheat in the fields of Boaz. Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth and kinswoman of Boaz, is bringing a cup of water or refreshment to Ruth as she works. There are other men and women working in the fields. These people are depicted in the background. The painting depicts Ruth gleaning in the fields in hopes of gaining the favor of Boaz. Boaz is not depicted in the painting.
  18. It-Tfajjel Samwel Imsejjaħ mill-Mulej

    1 Sam. 3

    The Old Testament prophet Samuel depicted as a young boy. Samuel is sitting up in his bed. Samuel is listening having heard the voice of the Lord calling to him.
  19. David Joqtol lil Gulija

    1 Sam. 17

    David and Goliath
  20. Elija Jitqabad Kontra l-Qassisin ta’ Bagħlim

    I Slat. 18:17–39

    The Old Testament prophet Elijah standing next to an altar. Elijah has his arms extended as he commands fire from heaven to consume the altar.
  21. Ester

    Ester 3:8–15; 4; 7

    Queen Esther, by Minerva Teichert
  22. Iżaija Jikteb Dwar it-Twelid ta’ Kristu

    Iża. 7:14; 9:6–7

    Prophet Isaiah Foretells Christ's Birth, The
  23. Danjel Jirrifjuta l-Ikel u l-Inbid tas-Sultan

    Dan. 1; D&C 89

    The Old Testament prophet Daniel refusing to eat of the meat and wine offered by the servant of King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel is depicted with his arm and hand extended toward the food in a gesture of refusal. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are also present with Daniel as the food is refused.
  24. Danjel Jinterpreta l-Ħolma ta’ Nabukodonosor

    Dan. 2

    The Old Testament prophet Daniel kneeling before King Nebuchadnezzar and the king's idolatrous priest. Daniel is interpreting the king's dream of the kingdoms of the world. A portrayal of the dream is depicted beside the king.
  25. Tlitt Irġiel fil-Forn Jaqbad

    Dan. 3; Alma 36:3

    Jesus Christ depicted standing with the Old Testament figures Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar. The three men standing with Christ are unharmed by the flames. The servants of the king are backing away and falling to the ground due to the intense heat of the furnace.
  26. Danjel fil-Ħofra tal-Iljuni

    Dan. 6

    The Old Testament prophet Daniel in the lion's den at the decree of King Darius. Daniel is resting his hand on the back of one of the lions. The lions are not harming Daniel. Daniel is looking up at the entrance of the lion's den at men who are astonished that Daniel is unharmed.
  27. Ġona

    Ġona 1–3

    Jonah on the beach