FSY 2018 Youth Camp, Ghana
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FSY 2018 Youth Camp, Ghana

After spending a week in Aburi for the FSY activity, the youth had lots of wonderful experiences to share. Programs were planned to bring out the best in the young men and women from various parts of the country. Spending time with these youth, I have learnt a lot from them and about the gospel. My faith has increased and my testimony has been strengthened as I listened to their talks and testimonies. As I interacted with them during various activities, their faith and knowledge of the gospel really inspired me. Every moment spent with the youth at this year’s FSY has been inspiring, and I would always have them at heart. Families are indeed essential to God’s plan of salvation. And surely, “There’s Peace in Christ.”

Youth Experiences

I found myself in a group in which I knew nobody. But as the days passed, I began to cope with the new environment. It was exciting getting to know people from different backgrounds. I also learnt new things both spiritually and socially. This strengthened my faith in the living Christ and also my testimony that He lives.

—Hal B., age 14, Koforidua Stake

I really learnt a lot of things at this conference which I know, as a young woman and a youth, will help me uphold my standards and be a light to the world. I realized that when we walk with the Lord, there is peace in Him. He will give us hope and will strengthen us when we learn of Him and listen to His words.

—Salomey B., age 18, Adenta Stake

SY 2018 was a wonderful experience. It was exciting to meet new people with whom we shared the same faith and values and had great experiences with. This youth conference is bound to last in my memory forever.

—Nana Ama B., age 14, Adenta Stake

Meeting different people and learning different things has impacted me greatly and contributed a lot to my socializing skills and has taught me to stand with the Lord everywhere I go and make the best of everything. I was continuously reminded of the fact that I have a responsibility to fulfill so that I can live with my Heavenly Father again.

—Alexander D., age 16, Ashaiman Stake

I learnt from Mosiah 2:17 that when I am in the service of my fellow being, I am in the service of God. I also learnt that throughout our lives we will face trials, but God knows what we are going through. He knows our hearts and will rescue us if we come to Him.

—Halia K., age 16, Tema Stake

Throughout the activities each day and night, I have felt the Spirit, through the choir and testimonies shared by the youth and the leaders as well. My FSY experience could be described as inspiring and educative. As we walk in the meekness of the Lord and learn of Him each day, we will find greater peace in Him, that can never be found in the world.

—Patrina A., age 17, Christiansborg Stake

Through some of the talks at the FSY, I have learnt that if we pay our tithing, the Lord has promised He will open the windows of heaven for us and we will be blessed both spiritually and physically. I know that if we abide by the laws and ordinances of the gospel, we will make our way back to our Heavenly Father.

—Derek M., age 14, Adenta Stake

From day one at FSY, the experience has been tremendous. This FSY has been the biggest experience I have had since I joined the Church. It has helped me build a relationship with others of different backgrounds. Through some of the talks, I learnt the importance of family and family history work. It has taught me to exercise faith in all things I do. I also learnt to be self-­reliant.

—Patrick A., age 17, Madina Stake

This FSY camp has been a wonderful and inspiring one. Even though this was my first, I have come to learn a lot. I learnt of how special we are to God. I have come to learn that in this world, we have a role to play in our own capacity.

—Dennise S., age 16, Teshie Stake

I had a marvellous experience at the 2018 FSY having a nice time with Brother and Sister Marley. I learnt that families can be together forever and despite the challenges, we can still have peace in Christ if we are diligent in feasting upon His words. My best experience was during the musical we had, even though it rained heavily, I felt the Spirit. These memories are going to be with me forever.

—Felicia M., age 17, Adenta Stake

One of the greatest memories I have about this 2018 FSY is that I learnt a great deal of lessons and I have received answers to my questions and I have gained confidence in whatever I do. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that the Church is true.

—Ezra E., age 16, Dzodze Branch

My FSY experience was amazing. I loved every bit of it. I made many friends, I had a lot fun, I learnt several lessons that I believe are going to help me so much in my life and I felt the Holy Ghost. We watched a video one morning about families. I was very inspired by the things I saw, felt, and heard. It was a feeling of warmth and peace and love. Sister Marley told me it was the Holy Ghost manifesting and testifying of truth to my heart. I was glad. Very glad.

—Martha A., age 16, Tema Stake

I have really learnt a lot since we started this FSY. Attending classes and being taught the gospel has helped improve upon the spiritual aspect of my life and helped build my faith in God. One thing that I have been taught and loved the most was about the family and that family is ordained of God and helps us return to our Heavenly Father. I also made new friends and built my confidence.

—Ronald A., age 16, Koforidua Stake

This FSY conference has been an activity of fun, socializing, and enhancement of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The meaning of my company name sends a message to me to be courageous in all things just as Samuel the Lamanite was. I was inspired to serve a mission after listening to a testimony from one the leaders. I also learnt that no matter the trials my family is going through, if the gospel of Jesus Christ is in our hearts, we can overcome all our challenges.

—Bridget A., age 17, Madina Stake

I am very grateful for all I have experienced these past few days at the FSY. I was able to make friends, enjoy the food, and feel the Spirit. I know that everything I learnt there is true and I would always remember this experience.

—Emma D., age 15, Adenta Stake