Shining Bright in the Czech Republic
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“Shining Bright in the Czech Republic,” Liahona, October 2018

Shine Your Light

Shining Bright in the Czech Republic

Compiled by Sharon Goodrich, Church Magazines

Liahona Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

We are Primary children in the Czech Republic. Here’s how we shine bright in our country.

Once I lost my favorite glove. I was very sad. My mother and I prayed, but we didn’t find it. I tried to have faith. A week later, my little brother found my glove in the street! God answers our prayers. I love Him, and I know He lives.

Andre W., age 9

I have friends at school who are not members of the Church but who still respect my standards. Once I said we should pray, and they agreed! I was very happy.

Ivana A., age 11

My friends and I were going downstairs. When we got to the elevator, I had an uncomfortable feeling and asked my friends not to use it. They decided to do it anyway. I took the stairs. When I got downstairs, my friends weren’t there. The elevator had gotten stuck! It was a while before they got out. I was happy that nothing serious happened. I also felt good that I followed the Holy Ghost.

Amalie N., age 10

At the beach, the sky started getting dark. The wind blew and made giant waves! There was thunder, lightning, and hail. Everyone ran for shelter. We weren’t hurt by the storm. On the way home, we saw three rainbows. We know that God helped and protected us.

Jakub B., age 10

At school I have a friend who nobody else wants to be friends with. Other kids began to say mean things to her that made her feel ugly. I told my teacher and invited my friend to play with me. It made my friend happy!

Ludmila V., age 8

I was angry with my mother because I didn’t want to bathe and go to bed. The next day I was sad because of my bad choice. Mom said that we can pray and ask Heavenly Father to forgive us. We knelt and prayed. I felt better. I learned that we can repent, and because of Jesus Christ, be forgiven.

Samuel H., age 5

I bore my testimony in church. It took courage! Since then, I have felt the Spirit.

Eliska K., age 11

When my pet guinea pig was sick, I prayed for her. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for helping us.

Aneta P., age 10