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“Our Page,” Liahona, October 2018

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Liahona Magazine, 2018/10 Oct
Children Submission for Magazines

When I go to church, I feel the Spirit of God and the love I have for Him and for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love my Redeemer.

Ayana B., age 7, France

Children Submission for Magazines

“President Monson and his counselors”

Omar A., age 9, Peru

children drawing

I love being at the temple with my family. It is a beautiful place where I will be able to go when I am 12. It is the house of the Lord.

Aldo C., age 10, Mexico

Children Submission for Magazines

I enjoy sharing the gospel at school with my friends, especially with a boy who has difficulty speaking, writing, and reading. One way to share the gospel as Jesus Christ taught is by helping and serving others. Whenever the teacher gives us an assignment in the homework book, I am always willing to help this boy. I love serving others because it helps me feel my Heavenly Father’s love.

Allison M., age 10, El Salvador