Taught by the Holy Ghost
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“Taught by the Holy Ghost,” Liahona, October 2018

Taught by the Holy Ghost

These youth prepared to be taught by the Spirit before general conference. Here’s what they learned from a previous conference and what they’re doing differently because of it.

Inspired Instruction

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I was inspired by general conference. While listening to the instruction from our leaders to serve others, trust Christ, and hold steadfastly to the iron rod, I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me that this gospel is true and that we can obtain eternal life by keeping the commandments and following the word of God. I have set goals to be of more service in my community and to strengthen my testimony through daily prayer and scripture study. I know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father. He lives and loves me forever and always.

Madelyn B., age 16, Delaware, USA

Answers to Questions

Shared Stories

Before general conference I had two questions: (1) How can I keep a good attitude and help my friends when they make bad decisions? and (2) How can I testify of the Church without them making fun of me? During conference, the Spirit testified to me that I am not alone. Now I know that by studying the scriptures with all my heart, I will receive answers to my questions about my friends. I know that my Father listens to my prayers, and I will strive to be better each day.

Isaak R., age 13, Pichincha, Ecuador

Prepared to Learn

General Conference: Youth Stories

I feel the Spirit so strongly at general conference. Since I’ve started preparing questions and preparing myself spiritually for conference, it’s taken a whole different meaning in my life, and I’ve been able to learn so much more through each talk. I am so grateful for the prophet and apostles, and I know that they are sent from Heavenly Father to lead us and guide us in our lives!

Ben H., age 17, Kentucky, USA

Invited to Grow

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General conference strengthened me with a desire to follow the gospel path of Jesus Christ. It helped me know and understand that this is the true Church, which brings us light and happiness. I felt the Spirit invite me to grow each day and to read the Book of Mormon to gain a strong testimony of the gospel. I believe that my Heavenly Father wanted me to listen to these inspired messages.

Vicente A., age 16, Metropolitan Region, Chile

Seeking the Light

May 2017 Conference section

The year before last was challenging for me. My dad was battling cancer, and there were terrorist attacks in my city. I struggled with anxiety, wondering how I could feel peace when I feared for my spiritual and physical safety. From general conference I learned that we can find peace as we live virtuously, fill our hearts with faith, and keep an eternal perspective. I was inspired to turn to Christ in times of difficulty instead of depending on my own understanding. I know that I can overcome the influences of darkness by seeking the brightness of Christ’s light.

Olivia H., age 17, Belgium