Esther the Queen

    “Esther the Queen,” Liahona, October 2018

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    Esther the Queen

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    Esther was a queen. She was married to the king of Persia.

    The king had a friend who was a bad man. He tricked the king into making a law that all Jews must be killed! The king didn’t know that his wife, Esther, was a Jew.

    Esther decided to ask her husband, the king, to save her people. But she was worried that he might be angry. Esther asked all of the Jews to fast and pray for her. Then Esther went to the king. He wasn’t angry!

    Esther invited the king and his friend to a dinner. At the dinner, Esther told the king that she was a Jew. The king was angry that his friend had tricked him. He would tell the Jews that they could protect themselves. Esther had helped save her people!

    We can pray to ask Heavenly Father for help. We can be brave and courageous, like Esther.