Africa West Area Bids the Vinsons Farewell
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Africa West Area Bids the Vinsons Farewell

In a seemingly emotional devotion, members across the Africa West Area on Friday bade farewell to the Africa West Area President, Elder Terence M. Vinson and his wife, Sister Kay Anne Vinson. The devotional was held at the Christiansborg meetinghouse, located on the Accra Ghana Temple square.

Clad in their beautiful turquoise blue and royal blue apparel, the Bountiful and the Teshie Stake choir took turns singing both local gospel songs and hymns to the delight of the emotionally charged audience.

Two soloists, Victoria Coleman and Alfred Patrick Addaquay, also performed soul-stirring music performances.

In his advice to Church members, Elder Vinson explained that members need not play a lead role before they feel special about themselves. He said, “Do not underestimate yourselves. Do not think that you are less important because you are not a leader. Do not think that you are any lesser than the person who has been called to preside.” He admonished members to continually stay loyal to the Lord.

Recounting his single goal in life, Elder Vinson said, “My one goal in life is to be a soldier in the Lord’s army, to be a soldier in the Lord’s trust and to be loyal.”

He further expressed how grateful he is to have the opportunity to serve the people of West Africa. “I don’t know why the Lord chose us, there are many better people, but I am grateful that we were assigned to come to Ghana.”

Sister Kay Anne Vinson said she is leaving the area with a stronger testimony based on her experiences with people. “I am leaving with a bigger heart than I had when I arrived,” she said.

“The welcoming nature of people in the Africa West Area is heartwarming, and I will greatly miss that tender experience.” On a lighter side, Sister Vinson explained that she will also miss the Ghanaian jollof rice (one of the most sought-after meals in Ghana), which is a favorite of her last son.

Elder Vinson was assigned to the Africa West Area on August 1, 2012, as First Counselor to the Area Presidency. After a four-year service in that office, he was subsequently assigned as the Area President in 2016.

Beginning August 1, 2018, Elder Vinson will be serving in the Presidency of the Seventy.

Opinion leaders present at the event was Hon. Francis Addai Nimo, former member of Parliament for Mampong Constituency and his wife, as well as an entourage from the Osu Chief Palace.