Run toward the Light
March 2023

“Run toward the Light,” Friend, Mar. 2023, 32–33.

Friend to Friend

Run toward the Light

Adapted from “Running toward the Light” (video),

Run Toward the Light (March 2023): Peter M. Johnson

Illustration by Adam Nickel

I grew up in a dangerous part of a big city. One day I was walking to school with some money in my pocket. The coins jingled as I walked.

I had to walk past some older boys who were in a gang. I tried to look confident. I tried not to be scared. But they heard the jingling sound. They wanted the coins and started chasing me.

I ran as fast as I could to get away. I turned down an alley. I could see light at the end of the alley, so I ran toward the light. Soon they stopped following me, and I was safe.

This became a pattern in my life. I ran from what was bad, and I searched for what was good. Sometimes I got discouraged, but I kept trying to find the light.

When I went to college, I played on the basketball team. Most of my teammates were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I learned about the gospel from them. I learned that I am a child of God. That meant I could rise above my struggles and be better. I joined the Church. Ever since then, I have tried every day to become more like my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. And you can do that too!

When you’re running toward the light, there’s hope. You know you’re running to strength, peace, and happiness. We all need to run toward the light.

Basketball Fun

Friend Magazine, 2023-03 Mar

Elder Johnson learned about the gospel while playing basketball. Now it’s your turn!

  1. Cut out the squares below and crumple them into balls.

  2. Take turns shooting the balls into a bowl.

  3. When a ball lands in the bowl, open the paper and answer the question!

  • What’s one way you can follow Heavenly Father?

  • When have you chosen the right?

  • How do you see Heavenly Father’s light in your life?

  • What helps you feel Heavenly Father’s love?

  • How can you share Heavenly Father’s light with others?

  • Write your own question!