Come, Follow Me Activities for Little Ones
March 2023

Come, Follow Me Activities for Little Ones,” Friend, Mar. 2023, 49.

New Testament

Come, Follow Me Activities for Little Ones

Young girl coloring in notebook

For Matthew 8; Mark 2–4; Luke 7

What are some things that scare your little ones? Calmly talk about one of those fears. Then help them say, “When I am afraid, Jesus can help me feel peace.”

For Matthew 9–10; Mark 5; Luke 9

Gather first-aid items and explain how they are used to heal us. Then explain that Jesus Christ’s power to heal is even greater. Describe one of the miracles in Matthew 9.

For Matthew 11–12; Luke 11

List the days of the week for your little ones. Say the names of each day loudly, but whisper when you say “Sunday.” Explain that Sunday is a special day to reverently think about Jesus Christ.

For Matthew 13; Luke 8; 13

Explain that long ago, faithful people came to Jesus to hear His stories (see Matthew 13). Ask them to draw a picture of people listening to Jesus.

For Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 5–6

Prepare a healthy snack for your little ones. Tell about the miracle of the loaves and the fishes (see Matthew 14:15–21). Help them say, “Jesus knows what I need and can help me.”