Just Lillian
March 2023

“Just Lillian,” Friend, Mar. 2023, 40–41.

Just Lillian

Lillian didn’t want to be the only one in Young Women.

Just Lillian (March 2023)

Today was Lillian’s last day in Primary. Lillian would miss the other Primary kids. There were just three of them—two younger girls and her little brother, Michael.

“How are you feeling about moving up to Young Women?” her Primary teacher asked.

“I can’t wait to go to class with the older girls!” Lillian said.

“I’m glad you’re excited,” her teacher said. “Who else will be in Young Women with you?”

Lillian thought of the older girls in the ward. Summer and Cova had just finished high school. And Melvina’s family had moved away. Wait. That left . . . just Lillian.

What would her Young Women class be like? Just the teachers and her? That sounded awkward—and lonely. Thinking about it made Lillian nervous. She frowned. She didn’t want to be the only one in Young Women.

For the rest of the day, Lillian thought about being the only young woman. At dinner, she moved the food around on her plate without eating it. She mumbled when it was her turn to read at family scripture study.

Mum set her scriptures down. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Lillian sighed. “I’m going to be all alone in Young Women!”

Mum moved to sit by Lillian. She gave her a hug. “That won’t be easy,” she said. “What can we do to help you?”

Lillian thought for a moment. “Maybe we could pray that another girl will move into the ward. And maybe Dad could give me a blessing.”

Dad smiled. “Those are great ideas.”

The family knelt to pray. “Heavenly Father,” Lillian began, “I’m glad I get to move to Young Women. I don’t want to be alone, but if that is Thy will, that’s all right. Please help me know what I can do to feel better. And if You want to inspire a family with a girl my age to move into our ward, that would be great too.”

After the prayer, Dad put his hands on her head. “I bless you to feel peaceful about moving to Young Women,” he said. “Heavenly Father will bless you as you ask for His help.”

Lillian did feel peaceful. She wasn’t sure yet what she could do to make moving to Young Women easier. But she also knew Heavenly Father would help her.

Just Lillian (March 2023)

On Sunday, Lillian was still a little nervous. But she remembered the peace she felt after Dad’s blessing. She knew she would be OK.

In sacrament meeting, the bishop announced that Sister Barns would be the new Young Women president. Sister Barns stood up when her name was called. Lillian didn’t really know her, but she looked friendly.

Mum had said that when she was Lillian’s age, her Young Women leader became one of her best friends. Maybe Lillian and Sister Barns could be friends! That was an answer to her prayer.

After sacrament meeting, Lillian went to her new classroom. An older girl was standing in the hall.

“Hi,” Lillian said. “Are you visiting our ward?”

The girl shook her head. “No. Our family just moved here.”

Lillian smiled. “Welcome to our ward. This is my first day in Young Women.” She and the girl sat down in the classroom. “By the way, my name is Lillian.”

“No way!” the new girl said. “My name is Lillian too!”

Lillian laughed. Heavenly Father had answered her prayer again! Maybe being in Young Women wouldn’t be so lonely after all.

Just Lillian (March 2023)

This story took place in Australia.

Friend Magazine, 2023-03 Mar

Illustrations by Sue Teodoro