Hello from Kiribati!
March 2023

“Hello from Kiribati!” Friend, Mar. 2023, 18–19.

Hello from Kiribati!

Learn about Heavenly Father’s children all over the world.

Kiribati (kee-ruh-bas) is an island country in the Pacific Ocean. About 120,000 people live there.

33 Islands

Hello from Kiribati (March 2023): Beach

Illustrations by Robyn Brimley

Kiribati’s tiny islands are spread out over 1.4 million square miles (3.5 million km2) of ocean! Its place on the globe puts it in the first time zone to see the light of each new day.

Beautiful Beaches

Hello from Kiribati (March 2023): Rising Sun

Kiribati is full of sandy beaches and palm trees. It’s warm all year long.

Bright Examples

Hello from Kiribati (March 2023): Families

Almost 20 percent of the people are Church members. They are good examples for others who live on the islands.

Go Fish!

Hello from Kiribati (March 2023): Fishing

Since the ocean is all around them, people in Kiribati eat lots of seafood. Coconut, rice, and pumpkin are also common.

A Temple on the Way

Hello from Kiribati (March 2023): Tarawa Kiribati Temple

In October 2020, President Russell M. Nelson announced that a temple will be built in Kiribati! Here’s what it will look like.