Miracle Maze
March 2023

“Miracle Maze,” Friend, Mar. 2023, 21.


Miracle Maze

Friend Magazine, 2023-03 Mar

Illustration by Brian Weaver

Jesus Christ performed many miracles. Answer the questions to go through the maze.

  1. What did Jesus put on the blind man’s eyes to heal him? (See John 9:1–11.)

    • Clay.

    • Ice.

  2. How many years was the woman sick before she touched Jesus’s robe? (See Luke 8:43–48.)

    • 12

    • 42

  3. What did Jesus feed the 5000 people? (See Mark 6:41–44.)

    • Bread and fish.

    • Honey and meat.

  4. What did Jesus tell Peter he would find in the mouth of a fish? (See Matthew 17:24–27.)

    1. A pearl.

    2. Coins.

  5. What did Jesus tell the lepers to do before they were healed? (See Matthew 17:12–19.)

    • Go to the priests.

    • Take a bath.

  6. Which of Martha’s family members did Jesus raise from the dead? (See John 11:38–44.)

    • Her sister, Mary.

    • Her brother, Lazarus.