Why I Love the Articles of Faith
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“Why I Love the Articles of Faith,” Friend, December 2021

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Why I Love the Articles of Faith

Young boy planting

When I was a child, I enjoyed Primary. I loved to say the Articles of Faith. Even as a child, I could understand them. I have been blessed as I have lived them in my life.

One of my favorites is the thirteenth article of faith. I really like the first five words. They say, “We believe in being honest.”

Young boy planting

I remember how my father taught me about honesty. He started when I was young. He would give me something to take care of for him. Then later he would ask me if I still had it. It felt good to say, “Yes, Dad, I’m taking good care of it.” In this way, my father taught me to be honest and do what I said I would.

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The thirteenth article of faith teaches us to be true followers of Jesus Christ. I wish that every boy and girl would study it and live by what it says.

Articles of Faith

Please share the Articles of Faith with your family and friends. Tell them how the Articles of Faith help you in your life. I know that when you do, you will have more light in your life. You will also be a light for others.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

Illustrations by Becky Davies