Dear Friends
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“Dear Friends,” Friend, December 2021

Dear Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

It’s almost Christmas! Children all around the globe are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In this Friend, you can read about Christmas in Japan (page 4), Mali (page 8), and Mexico (page 20). You can also make Christmas crafts from other countries (page 34).

Thank you for all the gifts of love you have given with your helping hands this year. Please keep sending us stories of how you are trying to help, like Jesus did. We look forward to seeing more of your stories next year!

Merry Christmas!

The Friend

Salt-Dough Ornaments

My brothers and I made salt-dough ornaments (Dec. 2020) and secretly gave some to our neighbors. It made us happy to love our neighbors like Jesus taught.

Mary F., age 10, Illinois, USA

Where I Read the Friend

Sharon H., age 3, reads the Friend in English in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

We Love to See the Temple

Daniel and Samuel B., ages 4 and 6, visited the Johannesburg South Africa Temple.