A Gift for Jesus
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“A Gift for Jesus,” Friend, December 2021

A Gift for Jesus

Christmas was coming soon! Amy could hardly wait.

“Do you have the box for Jesus?” Amy asked Mommy. “It’s almost time for His birthday!”

“I’m glad you remembered,” said Mommy.

Mommy put a red box on the table. It was shiny. It had a red bow on top. Each year for Christmas, Amy and her family wrote down kind things they did. They put them in the box.

“We follow Jesus when we help others,” Mommy said. “It’s our gift to Jesus.”

Amy wanted to fill the whole box with gifts for Jesus! She thought about kind things she could do.

At dinner, Daddy asked, “Does anyone have a gift for Jesus to write down?”

“I do!” said Amy. “I helped put away Ari’s boots.”

“That was very kind,” said Daddy. He wrote it on a piece of paper. Amy put the paper in the box.

Each day, Amy tried to do kind things. She wanted to follow Jesus.

She helped Daddy buy food at the store.

She hung up her coat.

She helped Mommy wash the dishes.

She didn’t fight with her brother.

Every day, Amy put something kind in the shiny box. Soon the box was full of kind things!

Finally it was Christmas Day. Amy got to open some presents. She also got to open the gift for Jesus! Mommy and Daddy took turns reading all the kind things in the box.

Amy felt good inside. Helping others made her happy. She knew it made Jesus happy too!

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

Illustrations by Christine Grove