The Piñata Surprise
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“The Piñata Surprise,” Friend, December 2021

The Piñata Surprise

This story took place in Mexico.

Alan’s whole family is at Abuela and Abuelo’s (Grandma and Grandpa’s) house for Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)!

Hi, Alan!

Come in! Aunt María needs us.

We’re going to learn a special dance to show everyone tomorrow. I’ll teach you.

Help each other! That’s what our family does.

We got it! Nice work.

Great job! We’ll perform our show for the family tomorrow.

Now who’s ready for the piñata?

Abuelo, is this flour?

Yep! Surprise!

This is so nice. The best Christmas gift is for my whole family to be together!

But we come here every Sunday after church.

Then I’m very lucky to get my Christmas present every week!

Feliz Navidad!

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

Illustrations by Christina Forshay