Articles of Faith Quiz
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“Articles of Faith Quiz,” Friend, December 2021


Articles of Faith Quiz

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

Have you been learning the Articles of Faith with Matt and Mandy this year? Take this quiz to see what you’ve learned! The Articles of Faith are in your scriptures.

  1. How many “first principles and ordinances of the Gospel” are there?

    1. six

    2. four

    3. two

  2. Which article of faith talks about the Atonement of Christ?

    1. twelve

    2. eight

    3. three

  3. Which of these words is listed in the thirteenth article of faith?

    1. happy

    2. honest

    3. friendly

  4. Which article of faith talks about the gathering of Israel?

    1. ten

    2. one

    3. five

  5. Which of these gifts is found in the seventh article of faith?

    1. revelation

    2. charity

    3. faith

Illustrations by Matt Sweeney