Christmas Crafts around the World
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“Christmas Crafts around the World,” Friend, December 2021


Christmas Crafts around the World

Each of these crafts is from a different country. Can you make a decoration based on your family’s Christmas traditions?

St. Lucia’s Day Wreath

In Sweden, St. Lucia’s Day is in early December. Girls wear white dresses and holly crowns with candles. The candles represent Jesus Christ’s light.

  1. Cut leaf shapes out of paper and color them green. Glue or tape them together to make a round wreath.

  2. Make candles out of paper and add them to the wreath.

Shining Stars

In the Philippines, people start celebrating Christmas in September! Many people make star-shaped lanterns called parols.

  1. Lay five sticks on top of each other in a star shape. Tie them together where they overlap.

  2. Glue thin paper over the star.

  3. Decorate your star. Add a loop of string to the top of the star to hang it up.

Brazilian Fireworks

People in Brazil celebrate Christmas by having fun on the beach and watching fireworks shows.

  1. Cut two long strips of colored paper, about 2–3 inches (5–8 cm) wide. Make small cuts down one side of each strip to make a fringe. Don’t cut all the way through!

  2. Place the strips on top of each other and roll them around a long stick or skewer. Tape or glue the bottom of the paper to the stick.

  3. Fan out the fringe to look like a firework! Show off your firework decorations in a vase or cup.

Christmas Crackers

In England, children love getting small packages called Christmas crackers. One person pulls on each end to find the treats and small gifts inside!

  1. Wrap a piece of thin paper around a tube of cardboard or thick paper. The paper should be longer than the tube.

  2. Fill the tube with confetti and candy or another small gift.

  3. Twist the paper at each end.

  4. Tie both ends closed with ribbon or string.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/12 Dec

Artwork by Anna Oldroyd